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Tamperproof Amethyst
  • Tamperproof Amethyst
    Tamperproof Amethyst
  • Tamperproof Black
    Tamperproof Black
  • Tamperproof Dark Earth
    Tamperproof Dark Earth
  • Tamperproof Grey Mist
    Tamperproof Grey Mist
  • Tamperproof Grey Metal
    Tamperproof Grey Metal
  • Tamperproof Pebble
    Tamperproof Pebble
  • Tamperproof Silver Birch
    Tamperproof Silver Birch
  • Tamperproof Midnight
    Tamperproof Midnight
  • Tamperproof Sky
    Tamperproof Sky
  • Tamperproof Royal Windsor
    Tamperproof Royal Windsor
  • Tamperproof Wedgewood
    Tamperproof Wedgewood
  • Tamperproof Trafalgar
    Tamperproof Trafalgar
  • Tamperproof Caribbean
    Tamperproof Caribbean
  • Tamperproof Olympian Yellow
    Tamperproof Olympian Yellow
  • Tamperproof Fiesta Gold
    Tamperproof Fiesta Gold
  • Tamperproof Tango
    Tamperproof Tango
  • Tamperproof Hot Sahara
    Tamperproof Hot Sahara
  • Tamperproof Geranium Red
    Tamperproof Geranium Red
  • Tamperproof Peony Red
    Tamperproof Peony Red
  • Tamperproof Garnet
    Tamperproof Garnet
  • Tamperproof Splendid Pink
    Tamperproof Splendid Pink
  • Tamperproof Heather
    Tamperproof Heather
  • Tamperproof Mint
    Tamperproof Mint
  • Tamperproof Verona
    Tamperproof Verona
  • Tamperproof Holly
    Tamperproof Holly
  • Tamperproof Sage Green
    Tamperproof Sage Green
  • Tamperproof Cream
    Tamperproof Cream
  • Tamperproof Mushroom
    Tamperproof Mushroom
  • Tamperproof Honeysuckle
    Tamperproof Honeysuckle
  • Tamperproof Peat
    Tamperproof Peat

Charles Twite Tamperproof Noticeboard with printed header

  • £7522 plus VAT

If you have your artwork ready, please upload your file here (jpeg or pdf format). We will always create a proof and send this to you for approval before printing.

  • Fire safe lockable clear polycarbonate cover
  • Overall depth 30mm
  • For interior use
  • Units are side hinged as standard
  • Choice of 30 colours
  • Key locks
  • Choice of 2 fire ratings
  • All boards larger than 1200 x 1200mm have 2 doors.

We will supply a proof for your approval.

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