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Jet Black
  • Jet Black
    Jet Black
  • Signal White
    Signal White

25mm Black and White Snap Frames

  • £1600 plus VAT

Low cost and fantastic-looking powder coated stock colour frames. Our black or white snap frames feature easy poster access with the snap open and close system. This profile is recommended for indoor use but may also be suitable for some outdoor applications.

  • 25mm extruded aluminium frame
  • 12mm depth
  • 1.5mm strong plastic back panel
  • Anti-glare poster cover
  • Durable powder coated frame finish
  • Wall fixing kit
  • 2 colours - jet black and signal white

Graphic Size:                              Visible Size:

A4 297 x 210mm (w x h)         277 x 190mm (w x h) 

A3 420 x 297mm (w x h)         400 x 277mm (w x h)

A2 594 x 420mm (w x h)         574 x 400mm (w x h) 

A1 840 x 594mm (w x h)         820 x 574mm (w x h)

A5 210 x 148mm (w x h)         190 x 128mm (w x h)

A0 1188 X 840    (w x h)         


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