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Tamperproof Barley Beige
  • Tamperproof Barley Beige
    Tamperproof Barley Beige
  • Barley Beige swatch
    Barley Beige swatch
  • Tamperproof Black
    Tamperproof Black
  • Black swatch
    Black swatch
  • Tamperproof Bottle Green
    Tamperproof Bottle Green
  • Bottle Green swatch
    Bottle Green swatch
  • Tamperproof Caspian
    Tamperproof Caspian
  • Caspian swatch
    Caspian swatch
  • Tamperproof Graphite
    Tamperproof Graphite
  • Graphite swatch
    Graphite swatch
  • Tamperproof Ochre
    Tamperproof Ochre
  • Ochre swatch
    Ochre swatch
  • Tamperproof Oxford
    Tamperproof Oxford
  • Oxford swatch
    Oxford swatch
  • Tamperproof Plum
    Tamperproof Plum
  • Plum swatch
    Plum swatch
  • Tamperproof Red
    Tamperproof Red
  • Corded Hessian Red
    Corded Hessian Red
  • Tamperproof Silver
    Tamperproof Silver
  • Corded Hessian Silver
    Corded Hessian Silver
  • Tamperproof Smokey Blue
    Tamperproof Smokey Blue
  • Smokey Blue swatch
    Smokey Blue swatch
  • Tamperproof Veridean Green
    Tamperproof Veridean Green
  • Veridean Green swatch
    Veridean Green swatch

Tamperproof Lockable Noticeboard Aluminium Frame Corded Hessian

  • £7825 plus VAT

A compact slimline tamperproof noticeboard for the protection and safe keeping of your notices.

  • Units are side-hinged as standard.
  • Lockable clear polycarbonate cover
  • For interior use
  • Overall depth 30mm
  • Key locks
  • Available in single door and dual door format. Sizes 900mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 900mm and 1200mm x 1200mm are single door; All boards larger than 1200 x 1200mm have 2 doors
  • All public buildings need Class 1 in offices and rooms and Class B in corridors and stairwells.

All colours shown are web representations. Although we make every effort to show our products in their original colours, due to photography and individual monitors, actual colours may vary. Swatches are available on request. 

This product range is made to order and is non-returnable. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.

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